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Valentino Sale Gaga

Le 19 April 2016, 09:32 dans Humeurs 0

Today, it was announced that Ariana Grande, the very tiny pop star with the very big voice,u00a0is launching a fragrance. Just like Lady Gaga, Beyoncu00e9, Rihanna, andu00a0Britney Spearsu00a0before her, Grande has succumbed to the vast, vacuous world of celebrity perfumes. They have bottled her soul u2014 her very essence u2014 and then watered it down and added a little bit of u201ceau de cupcakeu201d so the kids will Valentino Shoes enjoy it. In other words, today is the day that Ariana Grande officially becomes a celebrity. Congrats, girl!

Further details on the scent are yet to be released. Although, Ariana did tell WWD that sheu2019s u201calways been obsessed with perfume,u201d even going so far as to carry u201clikeu00a0six different scents in my bag, another three in my suitcase, and another couple in my car.u201d u00a0

Given Arianau2019s penchant for bows, bunny ears, and the color pink, weu2019re going to take an educated guess and say that the scent will stay safely in the u201csweet, gourmandu201d category. When you spray it onu00a0(using a pink atomizer, perhaps?), it will release a magical mist of rainbows and fairy dust u2014 the liquid version of Glitter (sorry, Valentino Sale Mariah, I had to!) u2014 and have a faint smell of brand-new lipstick, fresh from the tube. It willu00a0remind youu00a0of your favorite, indulgently fruity drugstore hairspray (you know, the one you used in junior high), and it will linger on your skin and clothes for just as long. 

Valentino Shoes a little

Le 19 April 2016, 09:27 dans Humeurs 0

Have we told you guys lately how much we love you? Not to get all mushy, but we are constantly in awe of the intelligence, creativity, humor, and flat-out amazingness of each and every one of you. Take reader Jay M., for instance: On our 30 Fall Beauty Must-Haves post, she commented with one of the most brilliant, genius, why-the-hell-didn't-we-think-of-that product tips</strong>.

Admiring the portable eye-and-lip-treatment compact in the slideshow, she suggested jerry-rigging your own by taking a contact lens case and filling one side with eye cream and the other with a lip balm. Boom u2014 a DIY version of a luxe product you can take with you anywhere your heart so desires. And, we just figured out what we're going to do with all those tiny skin care samples that we've accrued from fancy-pants department stores...

Not content to stop there, Jay M. went on to sing the praises of the contact lens case: "Really, contact lens cases are just the greatest things for travel makeup, especially if you use a lot of liquids</strong>. Or if you want to mix Lip Tars. Or have Valentino Shoes a little well for foundation. Or, really, just about everything." Sing it, sister. Who knew those ubiquitous plastic cases could be so useful to the beauty nerds of the world?


Thank you, Jay M., for opening our eyes to the myriad uses of the contact lens case</strong>. We look forward to hearing more of your great beauty tips and musings. And, to the rest of you out there, lay it on us u2014 we want to hear your genius tricks. It makes scrolling through our comments section so much more interesting when you share all of those amazing, smart, off-the-wall, random, and rad tidbits that are banging around in Cheap Valentino Shoes your brains.